We are a group of people enthusiastic about the new field of climate informatics. By creating this web page we hope to bring people from different disciplines together, to form new collaborations and discuss new ideas. In short, to speed up the rate of discovery in climate science.

What is Climate Informatics?

Climate informatics broadly refers to any research combining climate science with approaches from statistics, machine learning and data mining. Through the annual conference series and through this webpage we seek to bring together researchers from all of these areas. We hope to stimulate discussion of new ideas, foster new collaborations, grow the climate informatics community, and thus accelerate discovery across disciplinary boundaries.

Climate Informatics Google Group

We have create a message board for all things related to Climate Informatics - to be able to communicate announcements to you in a timely matter, and to allow communication between our members.

We invite you to join us here to get all announcements per email and to be able to post messages yourself, for job openings, events, etc.

Contact Us

For questions regarding the climate informatics workshop series, please send email to climate.informatics.workshop@gmail.com.

Current version of the website was created by Yuhan (Douglas) Rao.