Climate Informatics is an open community interested in research combining climate science with approaches from statistics, machine learning and data mining. Through the annual conference series and through this community website we hope to stimulate discussion of new ideas, foster new collaborations, grow the community, and thus accelerate discovery across disciplinary boundaries.

A satellite image of an atmospheric river event observed by GOES-17 Advanced Baseline Imager. Credit: NOAA

Climate Centered

Climate Informatics is centered around the discovery of climate sciences with state-of-art methods in statistics, machine learning, and data mining.

The group photo of participants attending Climate Informatics 2019 at Paris, France.

Community Driven

The community is driven by active members organizing annual conference series, hackathons, and other events to promote advancement in the field.

An illustrated image of JPSS flying over sea ice in the Arctic. Credit: NOAA

Collaborative Innovation

We promote collaborations and support early-career scientists by bringing experts across disciplines together through various events and online forums.